Creek Valley, Inc.

Creek Valley, Inc., a global company headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, supports the exportation of premium pet and agricultural products into an international market focusing our priority on the Asian Pacific Markets.

Our team in China allows our partners easy navigation through the governmental approval process for importation into the Chinese market, as well as immediate distributorship into thousands of Chinese based supermarkets, premium grocery stores, professional channels, and agricultural outlets.

As a value contributor, Creek Valley, Inc. follows its “IFIO (Integrity, Focus, Innovation, Open)” key principles to bring our partners sustainable success in the global agricultural business. 

About Us

Our Kentucky based company and team in China enables easy communication between countries; providing our collaborators immediate product performance information and feedback from the Chinese marketplace. Team members have long-time accumulated professional experience in the pet food industry as well as industrial experience, stellar customer service, production and shipping. We have access to the top Chinese academic resources with more than 7 key agricultural and comprehensive universities and research institutes.